John Q Movie Essay

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The astounded father can only say "But I have insurance," in response to the news that the critical transplant is not covered.

His next panicked move is to convert virtually all of the family's saleable assets to cash to meet the hospital administrator's requirement of an up-front deposit to assure a place for the boy on the transplant list.

He gains control with a gun (Later, we learn that it is unloaded), pulls chains from a duffel bag to padlock the doors, and makes it known that in exchange for the release of hostages, the administration is to grant permission for his son's heart transplant.

In the end, the near-sacrifice of John Q's life and the apparent threat to other lives—coupled with administration's eventual willingness to put the son on the transplant list—create an improbable resolution that permits the boy's survival.

Key Words: Health care, health insurance, medical ethics, film criticism.

When working parents discover that their son needs a heart transplant, they turn to the insurance provided by the husband's employer.If we view it as a right, then health care can be thought of as analogous to public education.In that case, each citizen has the right to a certain amount of education/ medical care.After that fact emerges, the father then explores coverage by government programs and possible donation of services by the hospital.It is only when neither of those is available, that the father takes on the system in order to force provision of the transplant.Although responsibility for arranging for treatment theoretically might be assigned to the family of the person in ill health, the practical reality is that high-cost treatment is inaccessible to most families. S., health insurance—for those covered by it—is employer-based.The basic premise of insurance is that people are grouped into heterogeneous risk pools based on something other than their state of health, such as their place of employment.The cost of the uncertain risk of illness is spread across the group: Some group members will be in good health; others will experience poor health.Underwriters determine the charge to employers for their employee subscribers, based on risk factors.The amount of cash raised falls short of the mark, and time is running out.Prompted by his wife's plea that he "do something," John Q arrives at the hospital Emergency Department ready for action.


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