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In the third paragraph Kennedy gives a chain reaction from the high costs.He does this in a very logical way not making leaps and assumptions therefore avoiding a slippery slope fallacy.Kennedy constantly uses the phrase “it would” throughout his address.

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The president informs America of the “one billion dollars” increase cost to defenses,and how steel prices makes it “more difficult for American goods to compete in foreign markets”.

He achieves the sense of animosity toward the steel industry by illuminating that fact that steel prices affect every individual American President Kennedy’s final point in his speech is expressed by factual information.

The president then mentions more organizations out of respect, such as the Steel Workers Union.

President Kennedy uses the factual information to combat the “few gigantic corporations” that have decided to increase prices.

The president begins by discussing what a crucial time it is for the country.

President Kennedy mentions Berlin and Southeast Asia, places that don’t affect American people, but then goes on to gain the American population’s emotional appeal by pointing out the Reservist that have to leave their homes and that “four were killed in the last two days in Vietnam”.” This quote shows that we need to take action over the steel industry for progress to come and for the country to be restored to a balance.To overcome the hardships brought upon by the steel industry, we must listen to Kennedy’s advice, because it is the only way to save our country.Kennedy begins his speech with a major statement that grabs the reader’s attention, because it completely attacks and undermines the steel companies.Increasing prices by some 6 dollars a ton, constitute a wholly unjustifiable and irresponsible defiance of the public interest.He states that it would increase the cost of homes, machinery, automobiles, add 1 billion dollars to the deficit, and make it more difficult for American products to survive in an ever growing foreign market.After catching the reader’s attention and undermining the steel corporation’s ideas, Kennedy solidifies his speech by using imperative syntax, which adds a sense of urgency to the situation.This is in contrast to his previous two ideas which were aimed at emotions.The president is attempting to appeal to the skeptics by providing specific information to support his central thesis.JFK Steel Speech Rough Draft In his speech to the people of the United States of America, president Kennedy uses repetition and offers solutions with a very imperative tone to convey his opinion that steel companies are causing harm by making their prices higher.He continues to argue that in a rising industry, they are the cause of jobs being lost, and that because of them, the country will be further in debt.


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