Is America A Land Of Opportunity Essays

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I was born in Romania; a nation that isn’t considered modern or technologized.

I grew up without the joy of the famous peanut butter mixture or simplicity of the microwave.

The CNA license will allow me to gain additional experience that will impress universities.

Another factor that will make me stand out is the Health Care Career Institute I and only 47 other Arizonians attended at Midwestern College of Osteopathy.

One of the most significant contrasts between these countries is the education system.

In Romania, schools lack many components that would shock American administrators.

I moved to America with about in my pocket and a pack of cigarettes when I was 19.

I thought I was staying for a visit but got married and stayed.

Furthermore, not only do students have a range of choices, but the environment is secure and enhanced, providing them with excellent conditions for learning.

The vast amount of opportunities gives me a chance to become more aware of my strengths, weaknesses and place in society.


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