Introduction For Thesis Presentation

If the conference or event provided bios of the speakers in a program, you might want to point the audience to your bio and let them know they can read about your credentials there.Explain that since the program covers the basics of your bio, you want to only share a few additional interesting facts about yourself before launching into the material.

If the picture shows a messy office, perhaps due to long hours in front of the computer – something that many programmers will understand – your humorous photo will help you connect to the audience, while also pointing to your programming skills.

In addition, since you will use the photo to address your past, most people will naturally wonder how you went from that beginning to your current role as a CEO, so you can use that natural curiosity to segue to your current position and objectives.

You are poking fun at yourself after all, not anyone else.

Be careful though, you don’t want to damage your credibility or come across as unsure of yourself.

Use this moment to tell a relevant, personal story, or share some personal trivia tidbits that will endear the audience to you.

However, don’t rehash your bio if the audience is holding it in their hands.

What will be meaningful to the female executives will probably be different from what interests your young, male assistant.

Once you have practiced in front of other people, revise your introduction according to their feedback.

Even though you will provide a list of items to note in the introduction, the introducer should still put their own personal spin on the introduction to ensure it sounds authentic.

Since they will use their own words to describe you, you might request a preview of the introduction so you can check for inaccuracies or provide more information if the introduction feels too light to you.


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