Intro To The Crucible Essay

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American Literature Themes of the Past, Relevant Today The Crucible is a play written in pre-modern times, which is still relevant in the post-modern era.Arthur Miller wrote the play during the time of the Red Scare, in which multiple people were being convicted of communism without evidence or proof.

He works tirelessly to try and out things right but it is an impossible task.

The Crucible has timeless themes that are still applicable to our lives, 60 years later: what someone is willing to do to save themselves, what hatred and greed can lead someone to do, and how people are persecuted if they differ from our perception of a normal society.

The girls that were involved with Tituba, especially Abigail, lied, cheated, and killed, just to create the opportunity to get off without punishment.

She is one of Salem's most noble and respected person and a true representation of the truth.

Rebecca Nurse is the clear martyr in the play as she was the purest character hanged for witchery.


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