Into Thin Air Essay

Throughout the climb, Krakauer details his teammates, his guides and other expeditions on the mountain.He tries to piece together a continuous timeline of the events that take place in the weeks they are on the mountain.

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The guide service is intended to speed up the acclimatization process and guide the climbers successfully to the summit of Mount Everest.

The climb is structure into camps: Base Camp, Camp One, Camp Two, Camp Three and Camp Four.

The preparations one must make in order to be ready for a climb up Everest are astounding to those who do not already hike.

But they are necessary in order to be ready for anything.

Another group gets lost in the blizzard and later, an assistant guide rescues all but two of them. Fischer also gets stranded, and when he is finally found, he is dead.

Hansen dies and one of Hall's Sherpas tries to rescue Hall, but cannot climb high enough.The dream of going up to the summit of Mount Everest is one that many people might have, but never seriously attempt.Just as the top of the mountain is so far away from the ground, the dream seems too far out of reach.A storm hits the summit that afternoon, and Krakauer catches only the tail end of it before he successfully reaches the refuse of Camp Four.Krakauer is well ahead of most of his teammates and has no idea what lies in store for them. Hansen runs out of supplemental oxygen and cannot continue.After spending weeks at Base Camp, the group makes a number of trips up to the other camps to speed up the acclimatization process.In the beginning of May, the gr oup makes a summit push.Part 1: What preparations are made before the hiking can even begin? Part 2: How do the group leaders and guides help to prepare for this journey?Part 3: In what ways were the preparations not sufficient for the hike up to Everest?After Krakauer publishes his article, he writes this book because he feels he has more to say.He has done extensive research and conducted interviews with all of the survivors, and has information that he didn't have at the time he wrote the article.


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