Innovative Problem Solving

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If the answer is 'yes', then this workshop is for you.

It will encourage you to resolve workplace problems by dispensing with the traditional theory, and focus on innovation and creativity to get results.

They help guide your thinking and by doing so act as a distraction from many of your limiting biases. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes without judging.

Obviously, I believe that Positioning Roulette is the best and most rigorous framework for the development of positioning platforms and brand stories but the truth is any framework (for example the Maslow hierarchy of needs is another effective framework) will lead to better results than not using any. This “someone else” can be a consumer you are trying to convert or another team member during an ideation session.

In our experience the most effective “creativity techniques” use a two-step approach. Most people still don’t seem to realize that there is a method to creativity. One significant benefit of a more methodic approach is that it helps drive and guide the idea finding process and thus helps overcome the biases and limitations mentioned above.

The first step usually consists in moving away from the problem to facilitate new ideas, the second step then consists in translating those ideas back into solutions that could solve the original problem. This is where tools like Positioning-Roulette come into play.

If you’re a team of business people add a creative minded person or artist to your ideation team.

The trick here however is not just to add people that have a different working style than you, but also to listen to them and allow their perspective to influence the thinking and ideation process (see point 4).

The secret to creating new ideas, however, is to separate your divergent thinking from your convergent thinking. Originally coined by Alex Osborn (The “O” from the ad agency BBDO), brainstorming is often misunderstood as the entire creative problem solving process. Brainstorming is the divergent thinking phase of the CPS process.

This means generating lots and lots of options before you consider evaluating them. It is not simply a group of people in a board meeting coming up with ideas in a disorganized fashion.


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