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Pollution increased due to the concentration of these As jobs grew in the last half of the nineteenth century, the amounts of pollution and land plundering and the area over which it took place dramatically increased.

Pollution increased due to the concentration of these As jobs grew in the last half of the nineteenth century, the amounts of pollution and land plundering and the area over which it took place dramatically increased.The railroads continued rapidly with this expansion.

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One is somewhat coincidental: a massive toll of human life through World War I.

Because the First World War came immediately after the Second Industrial Revolution, no one really understood the effect that mass production could have on warfare.

The same time frame experienced drastic changes in the structure and organization of factories as they quickly converted to mass production techniques to keep up ever increasing demand.

By the close of the twentieth century, companies had radical changes from plant-wide organizations to worldwide operations.

It led to globalised effects and impacted the whole world in terms of conditions and mode of work.

The enhancement and growth of communication channels, the spreading of production and consumption across the world and the changing lifestyles due to the influence and merging of cultures became the order of the day.The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth and the eighteenth centuries brought about much of the base of today’s pollutants.A series of technological advances in machinery, such as the steam engine, along with a preponderance of other goods shifting from homes and small factories to large industrial settings brought about more and more pollution.The creation of more productive processing used to manufacture cotton textiles increased the number of mills located in England and eventually moved to the northeastern United States.The steam engine allowed businesses to transfer manufacturing plants was for rivers and other waterways to areas with densely populated urban zones.Furthermore, the mechanization of production tasks meant that a lot of things that used to need several people to accomplish could now be done by one, leading to unemployment.The solution to this, brought around in part by Roosevelt’s New Deal, was a shift of the workforce from production to services, leading to a better quality of life overall.Running Head: Change of Effects Change of Effects of Warfare on Combatants due to New Technological Advancements since Second Industrial Revolution Student Name University Name Subject Name Instructor Name Date of Submission Change of Effects of Warfare on Combatants due to New Technological Advancements since Second Industrial Revolution Introduction This paper enumerates three changes in effects of warfare on combatants due to new technological advancements Since the Second Industrial Revolution. The firm owned the raw materials, almost all the goods in process, tools and equipment, and outsourced physical production to workers' homes.These changes are multidimensional and complicated. Much of the pre-Industrial Revolution population, in any case, were...... Preeti 4/10/2008 SECOND INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION The Industrial Revolution truly revolutionized work culture and the veryformulation and assimilation of industries.The result was that developments of mass production, such as an unlimited supply of bullets, machine guns and semiautomatic weapons which were machined to exact standards through assembly lines, allowed a single soldier to kill countless more than ever previously in history.The Second Industrial Revolution, by making the production of all human devices, including weapons, more efficient, allowed governments in war to kill each other on an unprecedented scale. It allowed economic ‘bubbles’ to build up on scaled previously unseen, the bursting of which had a part to play in the great depression.


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