Importance Of Data Analysis In Dissertation

The deductive approach to qualitative data analysis involves analyzing data based on a structure predetermined by the researcher.

In this case, you can use your research questions as a guide for grouping and analyzing your data.

This is a quick and easy approach to qualitative data analysis and can be used when you as a researcher have an idea of likely responses from your sample population.

The inductive approach on the other hand, is not based on a structured or predetermined framework.

It is therefore, your duty as the researcher to make sense out of field data though transcription.

The first step of analyzing you data is to transcribe all data.Analyzing qualitative data can be very confusing due to its unstructured nature.However, data analysis in whatever form can be easily carried out using the right methodology.You don’t want to mistake one for another and veer off your proposed research methodology.The simple distinction between these two methods is that qualitative data analysis deals with the analysis of subjective and non-numerical data while quantitative data analysis focuses on analyzing data through a numerical or statistical means.Qualitative data analysis gives you an understanding of your research objective by revealing patterns and themes in your data.For people who are new to research methods, an understanding of the difference between qualitative and quantitative data analysis is very important.After transcribing you data, you’ll most likely be left with large amounts of information all over the place.A lot of new researchers get confused and frustrated at this point.If you’ve taken the time to research on how to analyze qualitative data, it’s very possible that you’ve come across several different steps and rules.It’s also possible that you’re wondering which of these steps are right for you.


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