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Remember, procrastination was still there so I was still struggling to write at a good pace.However, as more and more pages were being written, I was regaining my confidence a bit (internally I was still in a rollercoaster of varied emotions of guilt and anger).I used to search and collect the relevant papers and just continue reading them, making mental points to include certain portions of it in my introduction chapter.

The main part was the introduction, which took me quite a while to write.

I was consumed by the humongous amount of literature, and just couldn't decide what to include and what to leave off.

Plus, she suggested me to work in our building with other people around. I found a spot in my building, where I started writing, and eventually did all of my writing there.

We dedicated a week each for chapter 2 and chapter 3, and decided to finish as much as I can in that time.

The last week before submitting was crazy, as I worked like a zombie, sleeping in the grad school office, keeping myself awake by regular doses of caffeine (coffee) and taurine (red bull).

A lot of help came in the form of my post doc colleague, who used to cheer me up and also helped in some of the formatting stuff. And most of the credit for my timely submission goes to my supervisor who chalked out a fool-proof plan, encouraged me to write daily and gave immediate feedbacks on my writings.

All I can do now is share my experiences and hope it will help other Ph D students if they are in a similar situation I was in.

Some of the pointers which I would like to put out from my experience, After I wrote this answer, I realised it became a long personal rant on my experience of writing thesis.

I have to say, I had everyone in the staff on their toes with the head of the school and the deputy head quite worried as well.

I am sure all sighed a breath of relief when I submitted! Those 3 months were the most difficult period of my Ph D.


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