How To Write An English Research Paper

But your research paper not being written in English does not mean that this also holds true for the abstract.

Often, the student needs to write an abstract in not only German, Spanish, or French (depending on the country you study in) but also English.

Upon completion of her master’s, she hopes to further pursue her scholarly interests by earning a Ph D. in English in May of 2017 from Whittier College where she also played water polo for four years. There she received her BA in English Studies with a minor in Linguistics.

When she is not studying, she can be found testing new vegetarian recipes, drinking coffee on her porch, and hiking in the woods with her dogs Samson and Jack London. She recently just completed her first year in the English M. She currently teaches freshman composition while attending graduate school. Some of her current research interests include rhetoric, composition, literacy, and linguistics.

I am studying Early Modern literature with an interest in monsters and, currently, the way they depict the Christian Other or the liminal Christian (in specifically post-Reformation texts). he lived and worked in Shizuoka, Japan as an assistant English teacher. His current research focus is on the liminality of language in Japanese L2 learning practices.

In my "free" time, I play too much chess, roast and brew coffee, and treat my plants as children. During his undergraduate career, he studied at Kansai Gaidai in Osaka, Japan. He is currently engaged in writing mentorship opportunities while completing an M. When he is not working, writing or researching, he enjoys studying Japanese, reading mystery novels and singing karaoke.Multimedia presentations are welcome, but you must include what technology you will need for your presentation in your submission. studying the use of animals as representations for marginalized groups, specifically women of color.For more information on how to submit work to the symposium, contact [email protected] native Mary Gibaldi is a graduate student pursuing her MA in Literature. Her other interests besides reading include eating, camping, and competing in open water swims with her family.It is common to include the abstract right at the beginning (cf.Rossig & Prätsch 2005: 89; Samac, Prenner, & Schwetz 2009: 56).Make sure to also talk about your results and the conclusions you can now draw. However, do not make the mistake of assuming that an abstract is something rather general. When asked to write an abstract for your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you are expected to deliver a very precise summary of your whole paper.That means you have to emphasize the increase in knowledge and the new insights gained (cf. You might have heard the term ‘summary’ referring to an abstract of a research paper (cf. An abstract’s right to exist is founded in its purpose of helping a potential reader to quickly find out if it is worthwhile to read the whole paper (cf. For this reason, an abstract has to offer everything the reader needs in order to evaluate the relevance of a research paper for their own work.You cannot write about something here which you never mention in your research paper (cf. An abstract is a summary of a publication or an article on one third of a DIN-A4 page (cf. Stickel-Wolf & Wolf provide a rough guideline for the word count: They say that an abstract should not contain more than 100 words (cf. Note: Generally speaking, an abstract for a bachelor’s or master’s thesis should not exceed one page, and the absolute maximum is two pages (cf. The reason for this is self-explanatory: The purpose of the abstract is to offer a quick overview of, for example, a 60- or 80-page paper.You are probably wondering where the abstract should be placed in your research paper: at the beginning or towards the end?However, you will not be able to write a clear-cut and precise summary at a stage when you do not even know what you are summarizing.Therefore, you can only write the abstract after you have written the whole paper.


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