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Some schools even have acronyms for these essays such as DBD ("Done by Daddy").The best essays sound like they were written by someone your age.The best transfer essays I've read tell a story that only that writer can tell - about a personal accomplishment or a personal failure, or about a job or volunteer opportunity that lead to a major or career decision.

“If a student is going to get stuck in the application process, it’s usually on the essay,” she adds. “First, it personalizes the application and differentiates you from other applicants with similar academic qualifications, such as test scores and GPA.

Second, it helps the reader get to know you and perhaps gives more detail to something in your application,” says Daluga.

They have a 20 - something voice, or a 30 - something voice that is yours alone.

They aren't so polished and smooth that they read like the work of a pro.

Every admissions office has a story about receiving an essay folded into origami, or embossed on a five pound chocolate bar.

These are not amusing at 11 PM after ten hours of essay reading.

This is no time to write in generalities or in a broad sweeping style. Tell a story that comes visually alive as well as intellectually alive.

I know that this is not a creative writing assignment, but in March after an admissions officer has read thousands of essays, the one that stands out is the one that leaves you with a sense of place and time.

These pages will give you some essay writing tips and lead you to other web sites or resources for more help.

The admissions department at UC Berkeley will read about 20,000 application essays and Stanford will read about 16,000.


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