How To Plan A Business Trip

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“Outsiders might think that society and business in China are trying to catch up with the West, but it’s really a sophisticated marketplace,” he said.

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But remember to be practical and think of the big picture.

For instance, while scoring a cheap plane ticket meets your cost saving objective, what effect would it have on your employee?

To help EAs ace every trip, we’ve created business travel itinerary templates that steamline the travel planning process and establish a consistent standard itinerary that executives will love receiving again and again.

To have the most successful conference experience possible, executives must follow a military-precise schedule.

Executives usually travel to meet key business partners, pursue game-changing deals, and attend high-profile conferences and meetings.

The success of these mission-critical travel plans rests in the hands of smart, capable Executive Assistants (EAs).It includes making travel arrangements, designating business contacts in your absence, arranging for child, house, and pet care, and other details.Planning travel itineraries is one important aspect of an Executive Assistant’s work.Key factors in North Coast’s growth strategy, however, were learning how to work within the Chinese business structure, understanding the culture, and handling sometimes tricky negotiations, said Doug Moody, the company’s senior vice president.Last year, recalls Moody, his company got “some heavy pressure from our Chinese importer to reduce pricing.” Despite the request, North Coast managed to keep prices up “while still increasing our volume,” he said.The most common advice from Western executives who spend time in the country is to build personal connections before you get on the plane.This will help you navigate the bureaucracy and open doors to reach people who will be making the decisions that will affect your company.Plan an itinerary with plenty of breathing room in between media meetings to accommodate and even encourage the possibility that meetings will run over time.In the world of the media tour, a long-running meeting might simply mean an executive is building solid relationships with media professionals.The benefit of adding this in is that it reduces late bookings and ensures that other departments become proactive and plan ahead.Once you've finally put the travel plan together - and have stakeholder alignment - don't forget to run the document by your travel management company.


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