How To Measure Critical Thinking

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The guidelines suggested below propose how critical thinking skills can be assessed “scientifically” in psychology courses and programs.The authors begin by noting something about psychology faculty that is true of faculty in many other disciplines, which makes this article relevant to a much larger audience.9) In many cases, no standardized tests or measures assess the specific type of critical thinking or aspect of critical thinking being developed in a particular course.

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Take an authentic task-oriented approach to assessment – Taking an authentic task-oriented approach means using a performance to assess how well students are completing a task.In this case, the assessment provides the instructor useful feedback and helps students focus on their development of critical thinking. It offers them feedback that can be used to improve their critical thinking skills. A recent article in highlighted the variation in definitions for critical thinking.These authors point out that critical thinking is either thought of generically or as being discipline-specific.Dispositions refer to “the willingness to engage in effortful thinking and the tendency to be open- and fair-minded in evaluating claims, yet remain skeptical of unsubstantiated claims.” (p.6) Metacognition means being aware of one’s thinking and in control of it.Understand critical thinking as a multidimensional construct – In their discussion of critical thinking in psychology, these authors propose that critical thinking includes skills, dispositions, and metacognition.Critical thinking skills in psychology include argument analysis and evaluation, methodological reason, statistical reasoning, causal reasoning, and skills for focusing and clarifying questions.Because memorization is easier to teach and test than critical thinking skills, it has snuck into the assessments of many school districts over the years.Currently, critical thinking is emphasized in most school districts in the U. Critical thinking is something of a challenge to measure because it includes a complex combination of skills and is interdisciplinary.


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