How To Help Child With Homework

Instead, we have a good chit chat first along with planning activities that would follow homework. “The moment you look at the child and say, “Wow you did the A very well; can you do the B as well? But the moment you come and give a chocolate, the child is not doing the homework for the homework, but because of the Reward — and that becomes a habit”, says Vidya.Happily and joyfully, with imaginary stories and characters, we complete the homework so that we can spend equal time in playing and doing different activities. The next P is the power of choice and the power of consequence.Then I told her that money comes from hard work from your job and you can do any job smartly if you study well and finish your homework on time.

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They create a Routine of a certain time every single day where they know that that is Homework Time.” So instead of forcing the child to sit down and finish studying and do all the homework in one shot, engage them for a 45 minute duration (average attention span of a child) and add a break after.

Vidya explains, “Make it a habit that every single day you decide, you discuss and you come up with a plan saying, “OK this is our homework time and we will do it every single day”.

Please understand it’s the child’s homework and we are responsible for enabling them to do it rather than actually sitting down and doing it.” RELATED: 13 mind-blowing tips to increase concentration in kids So what Vidya suggests is, instead of completing the homework for your child or shouting at them, encourage the child to understand that it is their role and responsibility to do their homework.

Nehal Roy, a parent says, I always tell my daughter, “You see we have money so that we can buy lots of stuffs” — she asks, “Where does this money come from?

You can also give your child thoughtful gifts like an exciting study table, good stationery, art items, calculator (if required), dictionary, or table-clock, etc.

Tell your kid to do the difficult part with your help first and then he/she can quickly finish the easy part when he/she is tired.So in a week if 2 or 3 are not done, then the child will face a consequence of maybe skipping one hour of TV Time or skipping their play time or anything where they can appreciate that “there is a consequence to my action”.These enable a child to understand responsibility as an important factor in their life.” The last P is for parents to have patience.It’s quite understandable that homework sounds like a big task, uninteresting, and unrelenting, given the little time kids have to play, relax, and entertain themselves in this gadget-led age.Nevertheless, you’ll soon agree that it’s important to stick to a regular homework regime. Homework is an opportunity for a parent to be able to teach responsibility to the child.So we make sure to complete our work on time or ahead of time.It helps us to set an example in front of our children as a good role model when we understand the value of time.” “When you’re talking of Regularity & Routine it’s about whether they have homework or not.RELATED: 12 Must try Extra Curricular Activities For After School Engagement Let your child tell you what’s to be done, what is required, by when he/she should be able to complete it, and if he/she wants to do it independently — without your constant supervision and nagging.Gradually, kids will learn to own the responsibility of their homework. While your child is working hard at completing homework or studies, ensure that you do your homework—house chores, cooking, readying bed, reading, research on topics he/she wants help with, ironing school uniform, etc. Says Vijay Gupta, a parent, “Kids have a habit of following footprints of their parents since for them their parents are the world.Another very interesting thing that can be done is to actually put a timepiece in front of the child to let them know that until this is going to be there, set the time and say “in this time, you’re going to sit and do it”; they kind of know that there is no choice, and there is no point in fussing.So they try to take responsibility for saying “OK, this is my time and it is a slow process, it will take a little time but it definitely works.” For some, it works well if kids finish their studies before they’re out to play.


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