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Once grading is complete for an assignment, you can go to the Assignment Statistics page to get further insights into what your students have learned and where they are potentially struggling.You can view statistics at the assignment level or at the question/rubric item level, and you can also tag questions with concepts, learning objectives, book chapters, etc., and then view statistics by tag.

Once grading is complete for an assignment, you can go to the Assignment Statistics page to get further insights into what your students have learned and where they are potentially struggling.

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A completed Homework Agenda would have 4 assignments’ names, with 4 teacher completion signatures, and 4 grades for each day of the week that I assigned homework.

Later in the class or the following day as I circulated, I was able to see on the front of the Homework Agenda how students were doing and discuss personally with them whether or not they needed to see me in tutorials.

One thing is for sure, papers do not bring a teacher joy.

I am also aware that homework brings on another conversation: Any teacher will tell you that a missing assignment is a giant pain.

It opens up conversations and helps be to encourage and be a champion for my students. If during the week you were absent, had an incomplete assignment, or didn’t complete one, Friday was D day. Here is my weekly process: Yes, there will be missing assignments. We all know that it is much more work when students don’t complete their assignments.

Yes, students will come to Thursday and have lost their precious agenda. My least organized student, who carried everything in their pocket, could fold that agenda up and hang onto it for a week. It would be a dream world if everyone turned in their work everyday. The reality is that not every student has a support system at home.Several years ago, I spoke at a conference in Idaho on the topic of grading homework assignments and why teachers might want to avoid this misguided practice. She recounted a meeting in her school concerning a 5th grade boy.This boy came from a farm-laboring family and often had to help his parents pick potatoes after school.The title was inspired by the Marie Kondo book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.Though I utilized the homework agenda for many years prior to the book, it fits right in to the idea of only keeping things that bring you joy.Teachers, particularly from rural areas, often share with me comments such as this: “I stopped grading homework when it dawned on me that many of my students were living in RVs with no power. ” Few could debate that students living in difficult situations suffer a grading hit caused by factors outside their control—and that in many cases these deductions don’t reflect the extent to which these students understand established learning outcomes.Impoverished students who face insurmountable challenges completing homework must look across the room in frustration as richer students bask in their strong completion grades.No one enjoys seeing the blank space in the grade book, especially a middle school teacher with 125 students. Pretty much insane.)Goodness, this is a decision you have to make for you and the best interest of your students.In my experience, I would say I graded 85% of assignments for some type of accuracy. The purpose of homework is to practice, but we don’t want to practice incorrectly.I was able to give specific praise to students who were giving 110% effort or making improvements.This is why I love the Homework Agenda.“There is no possible way, I could collect the assignments individually and return them in a timely fashion. Since using it, I am quickly able to provide individual and specific feedback in a timely manner.


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