How To Choose Dissertation Topic

Ogden (1993) reminded us that “the basic purpose of a dissertation is to demonstrate that you can do acceptable research in your field. Save the Nobel Prize-level research to do as a postgraduate. The signatures of these individuals determine whether or not you become “doctor.” Text Box: Helpful Hint Start a dissertation topic file.As you get ideas about possible topics, place them in a separate file folder that you can review from time to time.

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Some Criteria for Topic Selection How do you know if your particular topic has the potential to become a scholarly dissertation?

Most universities and doctoral faculties agree that the doctoral dissertation should be an original piece of research and significant to the field.

You might choose to alter parts of the research design of a previous study.

It would also be appropriate to add or subtract variables, restate the research questions, or alter the research instrument(s).

Scrapping a topic and starting over at least once is the norm.

Where to Look for Potential Topics Dissertation topics rarely emerge out of the blue; you must proactively search them out. Ask them to help you run a database search on some topic of interest.

Text Box: Helpful Hint - A truism: You will encounter a wide range of opinions regarding the worth of any dissertation topic.

Some might think it outstanding, while others claim it has no value.

To know whether or not it has been researched, or if it is important to the field, you must first immerse yourself in the literature base.

This backward approach is also inappropriate and certain to irritate a potential advisor.


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