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What if you were able to change minds and get others to agree with your position? In order to write a good persuasive essay, you need to have a solid grasp of the basic elements of rhetoric. This theory of rhetoric was developed a long time ago by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, and clearly it has withstood the test of time.

It is worth considering each of these elements in turn.

When you are writing a persuasive essay, you may not be able to consciously include ethos in the document itself.

This is because ethos doesn’t deal with the writing itself, but rather with your social reputation.

This is why if a book is about health, then the author may include the credential "M.

D." next to his name on the cover (and if the book is about politics, then he might include (Ph D).

But if you do have a solid argument that you believe in and that makes sense at the level of logos, then there is nothing wrong with appealing to both the hearts and the heads of your readers.

Pathos can thus serve you well when writing a persuasive essay. This refers to the character of the writer, or the extent to which people are inclined to trust the writer's words and thoughts.

These include such topics as: A lot of energy is taken up by people yelling about these issues at each other on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

But what if you could make a great, beautiful argument that not only emotionally moves the people who read it but also convinces them that your position on the issue is the right one? It is worth discussing each of these elements in turn.


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