How Do We Use Critical Thinking In Art

How Do We Use Critical Thinking In Art-8
Critical thinkers want to know that the incoming information is representative of the bigger picture.If they determine that it’s not, they’ll take the necessary measures to get that additional information.

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Its core is the study of inseparable artistic and aesthetic experience and learning.

It can include music, dance, drama, theatre, culinary arts and visual art such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, pottery, design, clothing, photography, computer graphics, and film making. Arts education is often about performance; it is to do something or to make something, and perhaps interpret the works of others and express their feelings.

But it’s also crucial for cooperative reasoning and then moving toward constructive tasks.

Because acquiring more knowledge improves and strengthens one’s theories and arguments.

~ Step back and let the student be responsible for his own learning. Teachers must use their words selectively – don’t talk too much. In art class, they can build, design and question why to do things a certain way.

~ Critical thinking can relate to high stakes standardized testing. ~ Allow for differences of opinion and encourage discussion. It expands the mind and the realm of possibilities. Not only should students learn to imagine, but also they should learn to follow through. Dreaming with the intention of making reality does.

And as we mentioned above, critical thinking actually promotes creativity.

Coming up with creative solutions is more than just having new ideas. It’s nearly impossible to structure a meaningful life without the ability to justify and reflect on our own values and decisions.

~ Use the New Version of Bloom’s Taxonomy A few more words about Tests. Currently, there is little use of critical thinking. If they cannot remember a fact, perhaps they can use reasoning abilities and get the right answer.

Tests will evolve to something better, I believe they have to.


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