Homework Routine

You may have to call the teacher at the beginning of the year to learn her expectations.

Some schools have online programs or voicemail systems that allow parents to review new assignments daily.

Have school supplies on hand, such as paper, pencils and erasers.

An electric pencil sharpener is a great investment.

Few children work well independently in their bedrooms unless you accompany them, especially in the elementary and middle school years.

Help your child stay focused on homework by turning off the TV and removing other distractions.

Our job is to help them learn how to become responsible students.

Sometimes that means letting them face the consequences of putting homework off until the last minute, and then working with them to avoid future problems. Admit to your child when you don’t know the answers to homework and try to find them together.

Everything goes more smoothly for my son when he knows what’s coming and when, and everything falls apart when our schedule changes unexpectedly. As the full extent of Luke’s written expression disorder has been revealed this year, the homework routine has changed quite a bit, but for the better.

As parents of neurologically different children, we make their world more comfortable by publicizing the family schedule and sticking to a routine as much as a family can. I’ve experimented quite a bit with the time of day that we do homework.


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