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Holes Essay Plan-6
THEME The two books gave the importance of fate or destiny.The Giver’s Jonas and Holes’ Stanley both had their own fate. They had their fate decided by the “Elders” who practically runs the whole community.

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The end of The Giver had a sad ending since Jonas and Gabe were having difficulty surviving their escape.

It was described that both of them were feeling cold because of the snow and left the story hanging for the readers thinking Jonas and Gabe died.

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They didn’t care what other people say but they decided on what was the right choice.

It also showed that for every decision they would make could affect their future.

Stanley’s fate was rather harder since he had to deal with his bad luck which included hard labor until the end of the story.

Stanley and Jonas both didn’t accept their fate but they made their own choices and paths to walk on.

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