Hms Thetis Disaster

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These visitors came to Thetis to see, learn, watch, observe, test, adjust and to enjoy a new build submarine..Thetis was on trials and on her way to her maiden dive at sea. Of the mishaps what was the first one that started the chain? The first one was not the one that did the fatal deed. 5 tube was flooded, it was open to the sea, while Thetis made her maiden passage out to the diving area her No.5 torpedo tube cap was open......a mystery as to why to this day.

It has never been explained as to who, whom, or why the external bow cap of No. Although not good practice, it is generally not lethal.

He married his wife Mary the September before he died and she was expecting their first child when he died. My mother is now eighty two and only four of the family are still alive,s he has a photo of Tom on her windowsill in his navy uniform and often talks of the anguish of the wait for his body to be returned for burial. Leading Seaman John Turner was already in the navy when his sister Joyce was born.

They were living in a flat in London and Mary was not aware of the sinking of the submarine, but learned of her husband's death when she saw a newspaper with the headline Thetis Sinks. There were two other older siblings, Ann and Jim, so that Joyce grew up almost like an only child.

She returned to Castlecomer, Kilkenny shortly after his death. On Thursday evening June 1 Dad telegrammed that the wedding must go ahead and that he was now at Cammell Laird shipyard with other relatives waiting for news.

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Joyce could not understand why suddenly everything had changed from joy to sadness and anxiety and wondered why her dad and brother John were not at the wedding. The little girl seated in the wedding photo is me Joyce Bentley.

After the ceremony it was known that all hope had been abandoned and that the 99 men on board Thetis were dead. Joyce Turner, little sister (now Joyce Bentley, who wrote this) sitting down.

Our father was at Cammell Laird shipyard waiting for news of John on Thetis. He married the mayor of Wishaws daughter, Jenny who bore their only child my mother Euphemia, always called Bunts.

If the tube is dry, no water will run out of this pipe, if however the tube is full of water, then water will run out.

Except that at this critical instant on Thetis, this test drain pipe was blocked by a spot of enamel.


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