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Other initiatives target vulnerable people and communities so that they are fully informed and able to prevent the disease from spreading.Conclusion While new therapies can help in controlling HIV from spreading all over the body, awareness is the key to actually prevent AIDS from spreading across populations.Thanks to various myths and misconceptions about the syndrome, the virus spread like wildfire and infected millions of people before it could be contained.

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It has no known cure although there are medicines to slow down or completely inhibit the virus spread.

Since one of the main methods of transfer of the virus is through unprotected sex, AIDS also carries with it a stigma that ensures that society didn’t discuss it openly for a long time.

Awareness programs have spread information about HIV and how to prevent it for years now and their efforts have borne fruit. The percentage of people with HIV has reduced considerably.

So that people do not become complacent and forget that AIDS is still very much a player in the deadly diseases field various awareness initiatives have been undertaken, the most prominent of which is World AIDS Day – a day when people show their solidarity with those who are afflicted with this disease and remember those who were struck down by it.

Preventative Measures In order to prevent AIDS from spreading, we need to first know how it spreads.

There are three main ways in which HIV can move around from one person to another – unprotected sexual intercourse with an HIV positive partner, transfer of HIV from mother to child, either during pregnancy or during breast feeding, transfusion of blood and needle sharing amongst drug users.Unfortunately, this taboo meant that not enough information was being shared about how the disease spread, since most people were wary of talking about it.Combine the lack of a cure with this lack of information in public forums and you get a pandemic that has resulted in over 28.9 million deaths.Below you will find essays on AIDS, its causes, symptoms, treatments and prevention.These essays are of different lengths and should prove useful in your exams. Introduction Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS is a pervasive disease that is caused by HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacking the immune system of the human body.In terms of percentage, this statistic is around 0.3 percent, which might not seem too large.However, when this statistic is converted to actual numbers it becomes 2.1 million people who are HIV positive.At Risk Demographics The most at-risk sections of the population are sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs and transgender people.These are some of the most vulnerable groups in society since most of them are subject to discrimination and stigma.That discrimination makes it difficult, if not outright impossible, for them to access healthcare.Add to this the fact that activities associated with sex work such as running a brothel are illegal, gay and bisexual men face social stigma if they come out, drug addicts are generally reviled and transgender people are looked down upon and you have the perfect combination of circumstances that breed an epidemic.


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