History Essay Verb Tense

By the time you do your statement of purpose formatting, you’ll probably realise that you’ve written it either in present tense but most likely in the past tense.

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When writing in the present tense, there is no future yet, so it limits your writing. The narrator can almost look back and see what happened or could have happened to the character and tell it from that angle.4.

With past tense, you can decide at what pace the story goes because you know there is still more to come. Your writing will sound more natural and will flow better.

You will have to proofread your work and even ask a friend or family member to do the same.

If all else fails and you are still not confident, consider hiring an editor to do all the hard work for you.

Past tense I am walking down the stairs, and he is standing right in front of me. My emotions are all over the place, and I am thinking about running away. There will be a lot of time saved by doing it this way. If you write in perfect tenses that you’re not familiar with, such as present perfect or future perfect, you will find yourself shifting back to your natural tense somewhere along the line.

Then you have to go back and correct all those mix-ups.

This might be more appropriate for short story writing.

The present tense is not the worst and many writers also prefer to write in the present tense.

The key is, when you start writing in a particular tense, you have to be consistent unless there is a valid reason to switch between tenses.

A good writer will be able to switch effortlessly when needed.


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