Historical Fiction Creative Writing Assignments

Historical Fiction Creative Writing Assignments-90
Giving your main character a brush with a famous person can add realism to the story's time and place.Have your protagonist encounter a politician, celebrity or social activist as part of your story.

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Students who choose to rework or expand their writing further have the option to do so as an ongoing independent study.

This unit is a reflection of my desire to help all students become critical readers, effective writers, careful listeners, responsive speakers, and most importantly, engaged thinkers.

Those who cannot or do not wish to focus on their own family's stories work with material provided by the teacher.

Supported by differentiated modeling and coaching from the teacher in a workshop environment, they develop a vignette (character sketch), short story, or chapter of a longer work that demonstrates their understanding of the qualities of excellent historical fiction.

For example, a teenage girl in a story set in Texas in the 1950s might befriend rock and roll star Buddy Holly, while an overworked mother in the 1930s Dust Bowl might try to petition President Franklin Roosevelt for help as he passes through her hometown on a campaign stop.

Research your chosen historical figure to find details you can incorporate into his behavior and appearance.

Because historical fiction takes place in a different era, creating a realistic, authentic setting is a critical element of a successful story in this genre.

To set the stage for readers, open your story with a description of what the setting would have been like during your chosen period.

These competencies are at the heart of the standards movement, and I believe that students who become confident in their own ability to make sense of big ideas and communicate this understanding effectively will be successful throughout their schooling and beyond.

Since discovering differentiation and the classroom energy created when students exercise choice, I have seen many of my students reconnect with learning.


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