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Seekers for facts on the mind and character of the man before 1914 find that the materials are scanty, that most of them pertain to his activities as a racer and in the shop, and that when pieced together they furnish no real portrait. The spate of articles, books, interviews, and reminiscences becomes ever more torrential.“The Ford and Charlie Chaplin,” remarked Will Rogers, “are the best known objects in the world.” As the renown grew, unfortunately, so did the confusing legend.

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capitalism debate regarding their for-profit companies. They are at the center of the debate in terms of their non-profit companies and how social welfare should be handled.

Marx would say 100% state directed; Carnegie will say 100% directed by individuals.

He believed in a version of philanthropy that was entirely driven by the free-market.

In accordance with the tenets of the gospel of wealth, many of the “barons” gave away sums (so to speak) by directing most of their fortunes to philanthropic causes.

freely gave away most of their fortunes to charitable and philanthropic causes.

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These men, who amassed fortunes taking America from post-Civil War to world super power, are often looked back on as corrupt and at the core of worker exploitation, but their story is much more complex than that.

The amounts they directed this way aren’t comparable to anything we can find today.

They funded everything from churches to art museums to public swimming pools.

He had founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903, when already forty; after some years of uncertain struggle, he had produced a model, distinguished from previous Models B, N, and S by the letter T, which precisely filled a ravenous national want; he had erected at Highland Park, just outside Detroit, one of the best-planned and most efficient factories in the world.

He and a group of tireless, gifted associates were bringing to birth that magic implement of global change termed mass production; still little understood (for most people ignorantly equate it with quantity production, which is merely one of its half-dozen chief components) , and then not understood at all.


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