Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism Essay

Health Benefits Of Vegetarianism Essay-76
Reasons to become vegetarian There are several reasons why people start leading such a style of life.The main reason is a sentiment of pity and compassion for animals.

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But just imagine, what amount of “grass” should be eaten?

Here you remind immediately constantly chewing herbivores – that is the reason they constantly chew. There are forms of protein deficiency, which develop when a person eats the monotonous food products of plant origin with a low protein content.

Remember that we do not agitate opponents or discourage supporters of vegetarianism; we are just trying to understand the essence of vegetarian lifestyle. The first obvious disadvantage of vegetarianism is that gut flora is killed by various products and drugs: garlic, onion, antibiotics, sulfonamides and other drugs.

That is why vegetarian will have to refuse these products and drugs.

All these symptoms and disorders disappeared when the experiment participants started to used animal protein again. Well, and the most important is that it is quite dangerous today to eat fresh meat, milk, fish, eggs, you can never be sure about their bacterial purity. Vegetarian food does not satisfy the body fully with the necessary quantity of vitamins such as B12, and also protein, iron and zinc.

It is also proved that fruits and vegetables that are stored for a long time in warehouses first, and then in the refrigerators, lose a significant amount of nutrients and vitamins. These microelements are contained in big amount in meat food only.And the third type is so-called vegans, who do not even eat such foods as milk and honey. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy and eggs, but exclude meat, fish and poultry. Or you should have more varied diet and compose your daily diet properly.Although you can talk endlessly about pros and cons of vegetarianism, but let’s try to figure out what they are.The word itself has two kinds of origin: one is formed from English “vegetable”, another one is from Latin word “vegetus” that means “fresh, vigorous”.In this vegetarian lifestyle essay we will discuss pros and cons of becoming vegetarian.Vegetarianism supporters switch to this type of food because their religion does not allow them eating meat.Mainly, these are the countries where most people confess Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. It excludes not only eggs and dairy, but also animal products, such as honey and gelatin, as well as refined and processed foods, products containing preservatives, caffeine and other stimulants.Another reason is a desire to have good health, and plant natural food gives man great health, cheerfulness and body youth. World Vegan Day World Vegan Day is a holiday appeared November 1, 1994, when Vegan community celebrated its 50th anniversary.As we have already mentioned, personal beliefs, religion, style of life or health issues are the most widespread reasons of choosing vegetarian lifestyle. The word “vegan” is created by Donald Watson and is formed from first three and last two letters of the English word “vegetarian”.Of course, gut flora of healthy people is killed by these products, but for vegetarians gut flora is extremely important.Vegetarian little by little adapts to the vegetarian diet, saprophytes bacteria appear in the gut that process incoming with food cellular tissue and give the body the same animal irreplaceable amino acids.


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