Harry Potter Changed My Life Essay

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That’s what pulled out of flash-in-the-pan territory and elevated it into a phenomenon that defined childhood for an entire generation.

A 2012 study found that 55 percent of YA novels are bought by adults.

Here’s a look back at the way Harry Potter changed and influenced online fandom, millennial culture, and the publishing industry.

did fine when it first emerged in the UK 20 years ago, winning a Smarties Award and garnering respectable sales for its publisher, Bloomsbury.

But witchcraft wasn’t the only evil the books were accused of peddling. The news prompted Christian scholars to declare the move “nonsense,” while queer fans were in turn angry that Rowling had done so little to make the queer subtext of Dumbledore’s character overt during the time he was actually being written (and alive).

Harry Potter Changed My Life Essay

In recent years, Rowling has provoked controversy for her series’ lack of diversity, for denying queer sexuality of characters, and many, many more kerfuffles.

The feeling that the books thus promoted the occult proved to be the basis for constant challenges to the series’ presence in school libraries and bookstores by concerned conservative parents.

The books first topped the American Library Association’s list of the most banned books of the year in 1999, and remained in the top spot for most of the next decade.

It also makes their eventual death (for some) and trauma (for all) deeply affecting.

It’s true that Rowling’s prose is best described as workmanlike and competent; if the reason you read is solely to enjoy perfectly balanced and polished sentences, you may be best served elsewhere.


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