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It was my tribute to him, written from deep within the pain of missing him.That was the one moment, he confesses, that he knew what happiness was. It has nothing to do with drifting pleasantly through life. Jim Ralston Petersburg, West Virginia ignorant girl who’d gone to New York and met another ignorant girl my own age from Grenoble, France.

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This conversion has brought a peace to my heart that was absent before. every thing, every small thing, all of the universe holy, singing, unafraid. I suppose eventually we walked back to Aunt Elma’s house.

But as far as a feeling of intense happiness, I have to say that those first moments when I became a socialist were the peak experience of my life. I’ve had other moments of happiness, but none so alive, so certain, so un-self-conscious.

All sorts of expressions were appearing on my face. We identified a place under a banyan tree and sat there. After a great struggle, I dragged him towards the bank. When I observed him carefully, I was surprised to know that he was an old classmate of mine.

It was a matter of immense surprise and pleasure to find that I stood second in my school, securing a first-class. He was immediately given medical aid and after some time, he regained consciousness. My joy knew no bounds because I had saved the life of a boy who happened to be my old classmate. Not only I secured the second position but also did a brave and noble act by saving a boy from going into the jaws of death.

There is hardly any living being who has never gone through ups and downs in his life.

In fact, life is full of bad as well as good incidents.Suddenly, there it was — spotlights focused on the small restaurant with its few tables and chairs, the brass cash register, catsup and mustard bottles, dishes, glasses, a coat rack. About three minutes into the play, I waited for the lines that were supposed to bring the first laugh. At the point of stretching limits, the burden of life feels the greatest, and yet these times are clearly the best for me.One actor, seated at stage right, was eating a hamburger and sipping coffee. The actress who was playing the waitress scurried back and forth, coffee pot in hand. By this time, the audience was attentive and very quiet. I closed my eyes when the actors delivered the lines. In this sense, Christ’s “happiest” moment must have been inexorably involved in the burden of dying on the cross, facing in action the final fear consciously, awake.Pearl is an old street in the shadow of elms; turreted stone buildings rise behind trim lawns. Sometimes I stop for a moment and look at the sky — still the deepest blue, as yet with no stars — and feel a kind of triumph: not that I’ve escaped New York City, not that I’ve endured four more hours on the telephone, not that I live in a place where I know no one and no one knows me — but that the sky and I still survive, after a million years. My most satisfying moments are quite painful (and only satisfying in retrospect) in that I am fulfilling my potential to the point I am stretching it (i.e., going beyond a previous limitation).Sparrow Denver, Colorado , a play by Barbara Mitchell! A few coughs, more restless shifting around me, while I sat rigid. This always involves facing a fear and thus feeling pain and confusion and thus appearing to be unhappy.Even my friends who were intellectually converted to socialism in college don’t have the vision I intuitively grasped that makes these events fall into place; as a society, we are blind to ideas that are perfectly clear to illiterate peasants in other parts of the world. I struggle to describe what this four-year-old felt, but my heart remembers it well. I must have understood that no one else saw the dragonfly; no one remarked upon anything out of the ordinary.I was an atheist for many years, but finally I’ve become a Christian (without repudiating my Marxism). I myself didn’t speak of it for another fifteen years, not because it was a secret; it was a moment of reality in my life.This day would go down as one of the happiest days of my life.in my bedroom alone, after a day’s work, looking out the window, at Mt. I stand there, tingling, a great refreshing breath sweeping through me, my body light and alive with pulsing energy, poised where tears and laughter meet, feeling exhilarated, deeply appreciative of everything in my awareness, all of it charged with some unspoken meaning, and somehow I know I might return to this crossroads at any time. Being clear about what you want, going for it, enjoying the going. Marc Polonsky Berkeley, California of being an unhappy person by people who presumably feel happy. ) The odd thing is that I never feel the least bit envious of my accusers, which makes me think I don’t relate to the concept of happiness at all.Dominating the entire scene was a soda fountain with a large banner that read . In the wonderful movie, “Twenty-six Days of Dostoyevsky,” Dostoyevsky’s young, idealistic stenographer (later to be his wife) asks him if he was ever happy.Terry, my husband, had built the set and was now backstage as the play’s director. He says, ponderously, no, he has never known happiness. He was one of fifteen political prisoners lined up in three rows of five in front of the firing squad.


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