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Once applied, each teacher can further customize the rubrics and comments as needed.We are already working with a small group of phenomenal teachers to build a collection of rubrics and comments based on their grading styles.

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As soon as you release the mouse button the evaluation options popup for the "Thesis" element.

Now it's time to: Let's say you chose to use a "High", "Medium", "Low" quality scale.

Even better, if you've developed a really strong rubric and a really amazing set of feedback comments, we encourage you to: Because these rubrics and comments are at the heart of what we do, we want to make it as easy as possible for other teachers to get started with a collection of rubrics that have been shared to a common rubric library.

Teachers will be able to peruse the rubrics in the library and apply them to their own assignments.

By the end your rubric will have morphed into what we call a "comment grid" instead of a standard rubric.

And once that comment grid is assembled, you'll be able to: All of that organization and all of those feedback comments should live on to be useful to you at a future date.

That comment you created before just doesn't apply here. Add another comment in the "Medium" quality level column and then select it for this thesis.

Now your rubric grid looks something like this: As you continue to grade essays for this assignment, you'll quickly build a collection of reusable comments for each element in your rubric and across most of the quality levels.

You don't have to commit all this to memory; the system has stored it all for you in its database.

Because you tagged each element as you were evaluating it, the system knows exactly what the text of each element was. Just ask the system to pull up all the theses you marked with an "Excellent" comment. Pull up ten random samples of links that you marked with a "Needs work" comment.


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