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And that's passed in and a certain number of them are right or wrong, but you get credit for having just simply done it, that credit added to an average doesn't accurately reflect really what a student can do when called upon an assessment situation.And then couple that with the fact that it's very hard, almost to the point of impossible, to assess equity in that.

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Certainly, there are folks in the community, including some educators I'm sure, who are skeptical of what we're trying to do and I embrace that.

This is not a business where we should put up our hands when people raise an objection, because you know we need to be thinking.

How many students come from families who provide probably more support than would be appropriate to be able to assess what they know and are able to do?

So again it's about really assessing that student's competency on their own and not necessarily the work being checked off done. Some school officials have said that this does encourage students, though, to not do homework since they won't be graded. What kind of feedback are you getting a few weeks into the year?

So, how many students come from families with no support?

How many students come from families who provide just right support?

I guess what I'd first say is I can't speak for the majority of teachers in Merrimack.

It's still quite early on, and I wouldn't be comfortable doing that.

If homework is about practicing (or integrating) new learning, much like scrimmages in basketball or football, then it seems reasonable that teachers would provide students with feedback on their homework, and time to use the feedback to get better at what they are doing (and learning).

By spending a little bit of time thinking about formative assessment practices while designing/constructing homework assignments/questions, a teacher can get a good understanding of where that student is in their learning, so wouldn’t that make it formative?


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