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A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.The story of the Whistle by Benjamin has salient themes.

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Politicians, judges, and lawyers regularly invoke the thoughts and perspectives of these individuals in justifying policy and legal decisions.

While perhaps not as universally esteemed as Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, Benjamin Franklin nonetheless is one of the most valued thinkers in the American intellectual tradition.

The author has used a number of stylistic devices that contribute majorly to the theme. The whistle has been used figuratively in the story.

Benjamin Franklin consistently reveals how he perceived objects to be purchased as “whistle” or as “time with value.

Benjamin revels that; whenever he was tempted to buy things that he felt were unnecessary, he would convince himself not to pay so much money for the whistle, and as such, he saved money.

This theme overrides the whole story and one is able to notice that Franklin applies the situation in all matters.

Franklin explains this notion in the work when at the end of discussion on a long list of the desirable qualities of life that can be achieved through practice.

Thus, when the Americans are hurt on their cultural pride, the natural outcome of every such attempt has been revolt which has been expressed through the historical events such as those touching the national consciousness and provincial thinking.

Retrieved from (Literary Elements and Hidden Themes in The Whistle by Benjamin Essay) Literary Elements and Hidden Themes in The Whistle by Benjamin Essay. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin The founding forefathers of the United s enjoy an esteemed position in American society not experienced by any other historical figures.


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