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Recommendation: Intense – Armin van Buuren.· Classical Music: One should never underestimate the power of classic music which is harmonious and peaceful.It creates a calm and serene mood in which you can quickly focus and work on a successful essay.Music with words can be distracting to some writers, causing them to pay more attention to the lyrics than they are to the creative process. by Johann Sebastian Bach gets numerous nods from researchers when it comes to heightening concentration and productivity.

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As listening to music can not only calm you down but lead to a more thorough studying session.

It elevates your mood and motivates you to stay focused for longer durations.

Here are my picks of music which fits best for .· Electronic Music: Why not?

Electronic music is the most chill out and emotional music which can elevate your mood quickly. These will let you stay focused however listening to it for a long duration may distract you from focusing on the task at hand.

It would be nice if silence could help me concentrate, but I’m far too ADD for that. That perfect blend of background beat and foreground focus only those little white earbuds can provide.

So if you’re in the mood to hunker down and get some words out, I’ve got you covered. Pandora Spotify Soundcloud Apple Music You Tube Ready to feel like a way classier writer than you really are?

All guys, who will have the similar issue are welcome to It's a website with study playlists, where you will be able to find a playlist according to your prefs.

If you’re like most students, writing can be frustrating, especially if you’re tense, stressed, or facing a looming due date for an important essay.

A great idea in a distracted environment is worthless to me.

But even a sorry idea can become a great piece if I can only find that zen-like focus that draws the words right out of me.


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