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In can give you or your student some ideas if you worry about “not knowing what to say” when you see the SAT essay prompt.

Although we won’t go as much detail in today’s post as in my e-Book, I think this will still get you started on developing your literary examples.

In the introduction of their essay, they should introduce the topic of their essay, followed by their thesis.

Each body paragraph should be structured in the same way.

Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue.

Now that you’ve seen what an actual SAT essay prompt looks like, it’s time for your student to start practicing! When your high schooler is preparing for the SAT, it’s not always an easy process. Private tutors, SAT prep courses, SAT prep books–all of these things cost money, and it really adds up.But free SAT resources are especially those SAT essays. Today I’m going to share with you some sample SAT essay prompts, as well as some examples of both good and bad SAT essays.We won’t necessarily have the time to get into those interesting quotes, summary paragraphs, etc that are contained in the complete e-Book version, but you’ll get the basic idea.Plenty of great books have been written to use for the SAT essay, but I like these five in particular – and you probably have heard of them already. Ideally, you should have between five and ten well-researched examples that you feel comfortable discussing.After your student reads and fully understands the prompt, they should decide what direction to take with their essay.Every SAT essay prompt can be answered with “yes” or “no.” So your student should pick a side and RUN with it.Tell them to make it clear in their essay whether they agree or disagree with the statement given. Before your student starts writing their essay, it’s always a good idea for them to create a rough outline of what their essay will look like.If your student jumps from side to side, they’ll have themselves a very weak essay, and the grader is likely to think that they just can’t make up their mind. Have them write out the thesis of their essay, the topic of each body paragraph (3 body paragraphs are recommended), and jot down a few points they’d like to get across in the conclusion.As a teacher, I took the New SAT myself and got a 1600 to bring you these insights.This isn't just the 5-paragraph stuff that you read in every other book---I'll tell you exactly what persuasive elements to look for and how to For the new SAT 2016 essay This book is the only guide that gives you a proven battle-tested essay template used by a perfect scorer on the New SAT.


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