Gmat Essay Structure

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To remedy this serious problem and improve our district’s elementary education, everyone in the teacher-training program at Waymarsh University should be required to take more courses in mathematics.” The editorial that appeared in the Waymarsh city Newspaper claims that the best way to improve math education in first grade in the school district is to require students in the teacher-training program at Waymarsh University to take more courses in mathematics.

This plan is likely to fail due to flaws in the reasoning and logic of the editorial.

Of course, it should be clearly organized and have a coherent response.

Finally, it should demonstrate control of language, including diction, syntax, and conventions of standard written English.

In order to write an effective essay in thirty minutes, I recommend walking into the test with a meaty skeleton of an introduction so that you can get to what really matters—the body paragraphs. An effective introduction need only be a few sentences.

My introduction for this article was only three sentences and I recommend that you aim for around that length in your AWA essay. The very first sentence, before the argument, tells us where the argument is from.

To correct this issue, the editorial recommends that students in the teacher-training program at Waymarsh University take more courses in mathematics.

This remedy is unlikely to be successful due to flaws in reasoning.

This introduction is similar to the previous one, but summarizes the whole editorial and not just the conclusion.

But it still maintains the same logic and organization—summarize and then state that it’s flawed.


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