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FALSE: More violence should NOT be incorporated into entertainment.Now you can begin to brainstorm examples for both sides. It mentions “television programs, movies, songs and other forms….” Those are big clues to some of the areas from which you can draw examples!

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We can understand why it isn’t your favorite section on the GMAT 🙂 But here’s the good news!

There are not many shortcuts to mastering GMAT Quant and Verbal, but there are shortcuts to cracking the AWA section.

Notice that both options sound significantly better than the original, though the exact same clauses are used.

Sentence inversion is one very simple way to improve sentence variation.

It also consumes a lot of mental bandwidth at the very beginning of the test.

To top it off, it does not even add to your final score!

To score well on the GMAT, you’ll have to impress the readers with your essay’s content, structure, style. To be honest, though, you could write a perfectly grammatical essay with concrete examples and clear focus, and it still might not cut it.

We’ve heard quite a bit about content and structure: have a clear argument, provide concrete examples, build your essay like a hamburger, etc. Check out this example below:“The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century had both negative and positive consequences.

We will ensure that you are comfortably able to write a meaningful essay, irrespective of how complicated a prompt you may encounter on the day of the test.

All you need to do is to start solving some sample essays! Well, the simple answer to that question is to keep the following points in mind when solving the practice prompts: The methods to develop good writing skills are practice and reading.


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