Glass Menagerie Essay

Glass Menagerie Essay-4
What is it about this deceptivelysimple play that continues to fascinate audiences all over?The title itself may furnish aclue to its universality.You know that Inever allow that word to be used” (47).

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Is it Tom because he cannot escape his fate as surrogate father to hisfamily no matter how he tries?

Or is it Amanda who lives lost in her imagined past andcannot find a way to live after her husband abandons her?

Laura’s glass menagerie serves as a symbol for Laura andrepresents her unique character.

In a well developed five paragraph essay you need to make three sub claims thatsupport this primary claim.

It is acommonly used literary device that many authors integrate into their fiction.

Although The Glass Menagerie features a number of striking symbols, we could argue that themost prominent symbol also serves as the title of the play.

She “cries out as if wounded” to show thisconnection. He “dropsawkwardly on his knees to collect the fallen glass, glancing at LAURA as if he wouldspeak but couldn't” (25).

Later, Tom stops in the middle of his tirade to try and comfort his sister. This image of Tom falling on his knees as if to pray forforgiveness emphasizes the connection between his sister and the fragile glass collection.

And despite its fragility he cannot blow it out of his mind.

At the conclusion of the play we might call the play a tragedy. Is it Laura, an innocent creature who is destroyed by herown weakness.


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