Gift For My Thesis Advisor

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Skip to content The rest of the episode revolves around Penny hiding her horrified reaction to the ugly painting and her efforts to avoid hanging it in her house, but in such a way that she wont hurt Amy’s feelings.

However sometimes, like Amy, we want to give a gift that shows how much we care and value our teachers; store bought wine and/or chocolates can feel like a cop out.

Writing A few people told me they were giving their supervisor a conference paper or overdue chapter draft to read for Christmas. There is not a Christmas that goes by that I am not reading a thesis draft from a student or a friend (I’m looking at you Jason Downs).

I find the holidays a surprisingly good time to do this kind of work.

If you know your adviser well enough, you might consider giving a personal gift that pays tribute to his personal favorites.

Keep these personal items relatively professional, but demonstrate that you appreciate your adviser's interests; think about favorite foods, pastimes or local haunts.

I can whip through a whole draft in a couple of afternoons, sitting by the pool watching Thesis Whisperer Jnr swim, but find it stressful to do this kind of thing during the year, when I come home from work tired.

Check first though – not every supervisor finds wielding the big red pen a fun way to spend their down time.

For instance, if she has a favorite coffee shop near campus, give a gift certificate of an appropriate value to that specific venue.

Or, if you know he's a chocoholic, bake him up a batch of goodies like brownies or cookies to bring for him to munch on in his office. D., and now it's time to say thank you to your adviser.


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