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There are hints that Orwell was intimately acquainted with prostitutes.Like Arthur Koestler, he was not a man to hop into a cab with late at night if you were a woman. There is some suggestion that Blair left England for Burma as a result of a botched seduction or attempted sexual assault of in September 1921.

There are hints that Orwell was intimately acquainted with prostitutes.

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No novel has more relevance to our 21st century international or domestic political contexts than this final novel.

His insights into the uses of language for political gain will also be read for as long as we have a future in which to read. State and corporate surveillance is omniscient, war ceaseless, sophisticated propaganda emanates from screens that are rarely off and the debasement of public language is led by political leaders who lie with such regularity it has become normalised.

His life spans WWI, the Russian Revolution, depression, the rise of fascism, WWII, the atomic bomb and the beginning of the Cold War.

Like Shakespeare, he had a quality education and flair for seeing clearly the tumultuous times in which he lived.

He is the author of the novel All the Sad Young Literary Men.

George Orwell aka Eric Blair (1903-50) is now clearly second only to Shakespeare in the pantheon of English literary giants. It also challenges preconceptions about his politics, personality and the extent of his literary and journalistic output.On his return in 1927, after 5-years of service as a police officer where he participated in the ‘dirty work of empire’ at close hand, he intended to propose to Jacintha. Orwell was never to know that the reason was not what he suspected but that she was pregnant and later was to have the child adopted.This was a seminal moment in the life of the writer and certainly propelled him further along the unusual path he was to walk during the next decade and more.His observations are often sage, his love of language always evident.He was a new kind of writer and one who makes more sense to his readers now then what he did in his own times. Considering the scholarly effort focused on uncovering his life and character there’s little evidence, after graduating from Eton in 1921, about his time in Burma, Paris and in Southwold (on resignation from the Burmese police).GEORGE ORWELL (1903–1950) was born in India and served with the Imperial Police in Burma before joining the Republican Army in the Spanish Civil War.Orwell was the author of six novels as well as numerous essays and nonfiction works. Novels, reviews, essays, letters, diaries, BBC radio scripts and longer non fiction was produced in a time of massive political upheaval, war and personal tragedy. In a working life that barely stretched two decades, Orwell published two million words. reveals an extraordinary ability to produce original thinking written intelligently, if not always elegantly. Orwell now knew how political leaders and movements use language to make ‘murder respectable’ and shows us how this works.


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