Gcse Creative Writing Examples

Gcse Creative Writing Examples-55
These have been carefully picked out as the most appropriate for the new GCSE.

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A long ball from Britain's best player was latched onto by the forward, Dwight Yorke, who beat the off-side trap and was suddenly one-on-one with the England Goalkeeper, David Seaman. some will be learning, but others will just be having a laugh and messing about. Children in third world countries will be starving because money, which should be going towards health and a better quality of life for the people in third world countries, is going to western countries to pay off debts.

There was complete silence as the crowd watched and all of a sudden the crowd were roaring as the goal was neatly finished off. There will be famines and droughts in third world countries.

In Chechnya, there are Russian soldiers fighting a guerrilla war against the Chechen rebels.

Some of the time they will be fighting: shooting in combat and other times they will be hiding in dugouts at temperatures below freezing.

On a cold and dark evening, I came back and I looked around; a lot of things had changed. Middle I sat on the bench overlooking the playing fields and remembered playing football here.

It was as if time was running out: the sand glass having only a few grains of sand left, before time ran out. The insects and other bugs had died out and all that was left was a barren wasteland. The trees and bushes had lost their leaves and all that was left something that looked as though it had been dried up in a desert. Sometimes I would play alongside my bothers or my friends, other times I watched my older brothers play, whilst I sat on the grass visualising myself playing for Manchester United. The visitors had scored early n the first half and they were trailing one-nil with five minutes remaining.

I have been a teacher for 28 years, a Headteacher for 13 years and, at the age of 52, this much I know about a step-by-step guide to the writing question on the AQA English Language GCSE Paper 1. Many of our students do not, however, have a process for constructing a passage of extended writing which they can employ consciously.

What I have devised for our students in the academic tier above our SEND students – the ones who have never quite engaged with their studies, the ones who rarely do any school work beyond the school day, the ones who find GCSEs a genuine struggle – is a step-by-step guide to crafting answers to the two 40 mark writing tasks in the AQA English Language GCSE papers.

Going out of this world allows you to be really descriptive (see below) in your language and paint a picture of a completely unique world or species.

Use plenty of adjectives to help the reader build a picture in their mind.


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