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VR-AR-MR (Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality), are immediate, involving, engaging and immersive types of entertainment that can accessed anywhere in the world.This could cause travel to boom if people, having used these technologies, want to experience the world “for real.” People may be increasingly comfortable in both worlds: the physical real world, and the digital world that is constructed instantly and repeatedly to fit what each person wants and chooses, using immediately responsive networks.

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Globally, businesses developing sleep aids are witnessing significant growth due to the rising incidence of sleep disorders.

This has been exacerbated by the growing senior population.

Gamification helps users focus on tasks that might normally be boring, and the process might be applied to fields such as customer loyalty, education, health, recreation, job training, self-improvement, household chores, fundraising, and activism.

Gamification is being used by corporations to make marketing interactive, but it’s also being used to benefit individual health and well-being.

Wakefulness aids, stimulants and prescription drugs such as coffee, energy drinks, benzodiazepines and even illegal drugs are gaining in popularity as a perceived solution to the need to perform effectively despite sleep deprivation.

How might our over-scheduled lives and increased digital presence disrupt natural circadian and sleep patterns? What new technologies might be available to help people monitor and adjust brain wave activity during sleep?

Some people are forced to leave their homes to travel to other places or countries to find menial work to send money home to support their families.

Due to poverty, many people are unable to access education.

What are some of the ethical implications, particularly around user privacy?

What role will companies have in the creation of tech products to “hook” their users or the use of gamification as an educational tool? Nearly half of the world’s population (more than 3.5 billion people) live in poverty.


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