Fun Homework Activities

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Your child should take a quick break every 45 minutes to an hour.

During that break, they can grab a snack, listen to a song, do a quick exercise, or play a quick round of a video game.

Many homes know the struggle of trying to get kids to do their homework.

Use these tips below to help your kids do their homework and have fun while doing it.

For example, if your child is learning addition and subtraction, pull out M&M’s or other small candies to help them visualize the problems.

If they’re learning about percentages, bring out shopping ads to help them see how what they’re learning is used every day.Just make sure that the brakes are short, as taking too long of a break can actually make your child more distracted and not finish their homework.When you get too involved in your child’s homework, and reminding turns to nagging, they turn off, and don’t want to do it.Many kids dislike homework because it seems pointless.Try to give your kids a frame of reference for the math, history, and science problems that they are doing.Help your child create a workspace that encourages their creativity and helps them focus.Dedicate the space to homework, and don’t let them or anyone else in the family use it for anything else.If you seek a diagnosis or treatment for your child or student, please contact a trained professional who can provide an evaluation of the child.Chances are your kids hate doing homework — and it’s no wonder.Or, if they are learning about types of energy in science, talk to them about how we use If your child works better in a group, feel free to invite a couple of friends over from their class for a homework playdate.They will be able to solve the difficult problems together, and keep each other company while they are doing their homework.


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