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For Study/Research Applicants, affiliation with an educational institution or other sponsoring entity in the host country is required, even if the grant project is primarily or solely research or artistic activity or does not require enrollment in regular classes.The affiliation letter should come from the institution/individual in the host country with whom you are proposing to work.

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The first step is to familiarize yourself with the program summary for your host country in order to verify the type of grant you can propose.

Depending on the country, applicants may also propose to complete a graduate degree program.

The affiliation letter should indicate the author’s willingness to work with you on the intended project and it should speak to the feasibility and validity of what is being proposed.

The letter should also indicate any additional resources or contacts that the adviser can provide to support the work.

Carefully review the affiliation information provided in the country summary and/or award description.

All academic grantees must have an affiliation in the host country.For applicants proposing independent study/research projects, address the following points: For applicants proposing to enroll in graduate degree programs, address the following points: While acquiring a graduate degree abroad is generally not an objective for most U. Student grantees, some countries have specific arrangements for awards for graduate degree study. institutions are urged to consult professors in their major fields or faculty members with experience in the host country, as well as their Fulbright Program Advisers, about the feasibility of their proposed projects.For applicants who are proposing to complete a graduate degree program, the Statement of Grant Purpose should address the following points. At-Large applicants should consult qualified persons in their fields.It is your responsibility to identify, contact, and secure an affiliation from a potential adviser.Potential avenues to identify an appropriate affiliation/host country adviser include: Start early: Obtaining an affiliation letter from overseas can be a time-consuming process, and sufficient time must be given to receive signed affiliation letters before the application deadline.Some countries have specific arrangements or named awards for graduate study and applicants may propose to complete a graduate degree program.In this case, applicants should focus on demonstrating the reasons for pursuing the proposed program at a particular institution in the host country.Countries differ in the kinds of host affiliations that are acceptable.Examples of affiliations include universities, laboratories, libraries, non-governmental organizations, and so on.Fulbrighters have used a number of methods to contact potential hosts and solicit support for their projects.One primary method is to use the contacts and advisers that you already have.


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