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Because of this, watching TV requires more mental gymnastics than previously thought.

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This is a four unit course that integrates reading and writing to meet program requirements.

Below is my syllabus for my freshman composition course.

In class, we usually act out a lot of the dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, and if we have time, I like to show them which is a chapter from the book of the same title by Susan Sontag.

She discusses the role of the media in portraying violence and what the representation does to manipulate and influence reality.

So far I have taught four different levels of composition, and if I could get away with it, I would offer the same syllabus at every level but emphasize different aspects of grammar, punctuation, and rhetoric at each.

I don’t do that, but it should help you understand how much I love this specific level.I typically require a lot of work on the front end and lighten the load toward the end of the semester.Students adapt quickly, and I find if I set my expectations early, they tend to jump on post, so you can check that out.In addition to seeing the essays, I also provide links to the articles if they are available online.I’ve used a variety of readers in the past, but find what works best is giving students access to free essays and requiring the text We start with reading the novel, since it’s a lot of reading.This is something Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and even the Wright brothers share.Sinek’s TED talk is well-known, and in addition to students understanding the purpose of their writing is central to communicating their idea, Sinek also provides excellent examples, or evidence as composition teachers like to say, for his argument.Edmundson vehemently challenges that while admittedly trying to make his students laugh.After discussing these two articles, we spend a day preparing for a debate.After reading Carr, we are all feeling pretty bad about ourselves, so I throw in .So many people believe watching TV and video games rots your brain, but the author contends with that by explaining how it is in the economic interest of the writers to keep narratives so complex that viewers would watch a series more than once to pick up nuances they missed during their first viewing.


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