French Revolution Causes And Effects Essay

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The French Revolution was spread over the ten year period between 17.

The primary cause of the revolution was the disputes over the peoples' differing ideas of reform.

This sparked the peasants notion of wanting change.

Under the Old Regime in France, the king was the absolute monarch.

Influencing life not only in Europe, but in other countries as well, the revolution began because of important factors.

Some specific factors were abrupt but powerful, while others were continual.

Before the beginning of the Revolution, only moderate reforms were wanted by the people.

An example of why they wanted this was because of king Louis XIV's actions.

Each social group had a varied type of people within their structure, which presented the different views of the people. During the ancien regime, the church was equal in terms of its social, economic, and spiritual power.

The First Estate owned nearly 10 per cent of all land in France.


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