Freelance Writing Business Plan

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But before you dive in, evaluate your skills and be critical and honest with yourself. Are you ready to do full-scale customer service on your own?

It’s one thing to write full time, but another to manage client relationships too.

But for freelance writers, tackling those money questions is the key to developing a business plan that maximizes income and minimizes stress.

Using a vision board, he charts his plan for the year using images related to his projects and the rewards he’ll get for completing them, such as a vacation in Hawaii. Whether you’re a visual thinker or not, taking a big-picture view of your life and work will help inform your business plan.

Despite the demand for quality writers, and the increasing number of professionals in the field, there are not that many writers who actually make living exclusively from freelance writing.

It’s not impossible, but to get there, they’ve been working hard for years.

This isn’t meant to be discouraging, but it’s important to be real about what you can expect when you’re first getting started. Think of each smaller writing gig as an opportunity to build a positive relationship with a company, so that you’re their first-choice for bigger and longer-term projects. Do some research so you can price your work according to your skill level and the scope of each project.

Resources here and here can help you get an idea of the average range. To create a lasting relationship, provide outstanding customer service.

Are you knowledgeable enough in certain spheres to create compelling writing?

The pay an aspiring writer can expect at first might seem discouraging when compared to any mid-level office position.


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