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The company has established distribution in Fosters Food and Drug Centers Utah division, with product approved for systemwide distribution into 159 stores.

Do you have a business idea that will convert something from the farm into a delicious product sold in the supermarket?

If so, this business plan example will guide you through the steps required to get from the farm to the shelf.

The company's cause related marketing program centers around the donation of 3% of the company's gross revenues to nonprofit organizations that are helping to fight gang problems in markets where the products are sold.

For retail distribution, youth at risk boards are being formed to help determine the recipients of the donations.

A number of high-level industry and commissary marketing executives have expressed a desire to join the company. Edward Maas is a national spokesperson for the youth at risk program associated with the company's marketing program.

Business Plan Vision Statement - Food Industry Business Plan

The company is currently seeking to fund further development of its existing military distribution to market the company's products and build brand equity in retail distribution, expand the company's product line with higher margin products, and carry on an advertising and promotion program to drive and stimulate product sales.

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The company projects sales levels in year one of ,968,389, year two sales of ,508,268, year three sales of ,421,342, year four sales of ,972,021, and year five sales of ,421,639.

The company has a three-faceted marketing strategy.


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