Food And Culture Essay

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Pandan leaves, shallots and star anise can be also added traditionally.All the species make the flavor rich and taste original. Ghee, milk and other ingredients make the dish quite heavy and perfect for celebrations like wedding dinner or New Year.Coconut milk is often added as an ingredient for meat or chicken dishes.

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Traditional Chinese rice with Indian species combine rich taste and unique flavor, which together with cardamon and cinnamon symbolizes the rich life for new family.

Usually, it is eaten with chicken and chilies or curry.

Chinese tofu, soy sauce or dried mushrooms can be beautifully combined with Malay herbs and spices.

The most famous Roti Canai became the main Indian contribution to experimental Malay cuisine.

The country is divided into 16 territories with cultural distinction for each of them.

Food And Culture Essay

Each region has own traditions and cuisine as a result of immigration and colonization.

Different methods are due to various habits and food traditions of the citizens.

Nowadays, street food is becoming popular in Malaysia as a result of intensive life. To promote Malaysian food among the foreigners and gain the popularity of visitors some festivals and regular events are held.

Lots of chili, garlic, limes and ginger make the aroma for vegetables in almost every dish.

Sweet meat dishes can challenge our eating habits the same as savory desserts or crabs fried with black pepper, chilies and curry leaves.


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