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They are the result of not managing state (like my shampoo problem) where the stage of the solution needs to be recoverable.They are a result of an economic barrier, so its too expensive to do X which causes problem Y, can you do X more cheaply?)You can use personal experience to work out some intangibles (like how many lines of code would it take and how long to write) and sometimes you have to construct small experiments which help inform the outcome.

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How can I build something that would auto-plug in my Tesla and save it from being bricked without thinking about it? Can you build a device which parents of young kids or day care centers could use to generate a steady stream of safe toys?

What would it take to make a solar powered device which recycles plastic bottles or cans into something which is more easily processed into new products?

Basically transferring the 'state' of how many times I'd gone around the loop in the state of the cap. Maybe a nice thank you if I sent it in to "Helpful Hints from Heloise."So looking around at problems they come in some common forms.

They are the result of something being too complicated thus requiring either specialists or training time.

So get out of your own neighborhood and immediate circle of friends, and learn how to talk to people everywhere.

Everyone has problems (and ideas on how they should be solved).

The next step is to break out of your personal routine and small circle of problems.

If you're only building ideas based of your own life, and your life is generally pretty comfortable, you'll only be solving problems that are relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

There are lots and lots and lots of ideas out there.

There are tricks to get more of any kind of idea, like keeping a notebook with you and jotting down suggestions to yourself during the day, then doing triage and record the best ones at the end of the day.


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