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He feared a future in which those things would be endangered, and now that future was here: The internet and new social-media platforms — and their potential threat to serious thought — would be at the heart of my adaptation.I had never adapted a book, let alone one so important.This unit was created by the Louisiana Department of Education in partnership with Learn Zillion.

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For Bradbury, books were repositories of knowledge and ideas.The frustration that censorship evokes in societies is illustrated by this quote from Montag on Page 70, “Is it true, the world works hard and we play? As this novel takes place in the future, it represents what the technology and government we possess could become in the next three centuries. This is in particular is relevant to our present day society, as we are in a period of important political decision-making. Fahrenheit 451 is set in the twenty-fourth century and introduces a world taken over by media, overpopulation, and censorship.Within this new world, people are not accepted as individuals, and books are outlawed and evil because they teach people intellectual topics and how to think.Within the world of Fahrenheit 451, the censoring of books and intellectual knowledge creates a melancholy and mindless dystopian society, illustrating the dangers of censorship in modern societies.The introduction to the world of Fahrenheit 451 makes us question how long such a world could last, without question or conflict.Even setting a teacup on a book was considered a sin.In my parents’ household, Hafez’s book of Persian poetry, “The Divan,” was revered like a religious text.However what actually occurs as a result of this is that, by eliminating the differences between people, everybody sinks to the lowest level of understanding and intelligence, effectively hamstringing the ability of the society to progress.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay Through his novel, the author appears to draw upon the real-life experiences of many individuals, exploring how difficult it can be to contain the freedom of expression in any society. The exploration of censorship and human rights issues leads us to believe that the implied readers, or target audience, of this book would include young adults, the future of our society.


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